Adam Daley Wilson – List of Art-Law-Business Services

A list of some of the art-law-business services by Adam Daley Wilson, ranging from guidance and advice to mentoring and coaching.


Business growth — consulting, planning, guidance

  • Business strategies + authentic to your values + your work;
  • Business + law skills — develop long-run skills + knowledge;
  • Strategic planning for long-run valuation of your work;
  • Supply, demand, and pricing planning for same;
  • Artist legacy / archive planning — groundwork;
  • Financial planning — groundwork;
  • Tax planning — groundwork;
  • Estate planning — groundwork;

Intellectual Property (IP) — handling, guidance, consulting

  • IP strategy — protection, leveraging, licenses; rights; transfer of rights;
  • IP issues — copyright, fair use, unauthorized use, appropriation, licensing issues;
  • IP disputes + analysis re: sending + receiving demand letters;
  • Equity structuring to retain fractional ownership in works;
  • Secondary market strategies + contract clauses to control works upon resale;
  • Royalties, deferred payment structures, and present value / future value issues;
  • Creation credit, collaboration issues, splits, copyright ownership (e.g., music lyrics);
  • Blockchain / technology-based authentication / provenance; digital and other works;


Negotiations and relations — handling, consulting, guidance

  • Negotiations for transactions, contracts, terms, and rights;
  • Handling agent / intermediary / broker / third-party issues;
  • Relations with patrons and private + corporate collectors;
  • Relations with galleries, advisories, fairs, venues, and others;
  • Press relations + media inquiries; written and video interviews;

Dispute resolution + avoiding disputes

  • Guidance on issues that arise, from IP + contracts to censorship + free speech;
  • Avoiding / preventing disputes in the first place — skills training;
  • Negotiating disputes and issues — companies, clients, collectors, collaborators;
  • Serving as a neutral mediator to resolve disputes / lawsuits;

Coaching, mentoring, and writing assistance

  • Accountability coaching — so you stay self-accountable to your own goals;
  • Skills mentoring — to develop your own business-law skills for your career;
  • Reviewing and assisting with applications and written work product — grants, residencies, exhibitions, artist statements; lectures + talks;
  • Executive function skills — meeting deadlines; setting your priorities;
  • Providing general guidance and advice — acting as a sounding board;
  • Perseverance + motivation coaching —  to navigate temporary setbacks;
  • Available world-wide via email, phone, text, IG chat, FB messenger, or video.


Additional general information about Adam Wilson as a lawyer and as an artist is here.

Additional detailed information about Adam Wilson as a lawyer is here.

Adam Wilson — +1 (207) 699-9957 — — 180 High Street #14 — Portland Maine — Instagram @adamwilsonartservices.

One block from the Westin Harborview Hotel in the Arts District / Art Museum Area of downtown Portland Maine, blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.


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