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 Adam Wilson provides serious + sophisticated rapid-response art-law-business guidance + advice for creatives + artists. 

US + international.

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Based in Portland Maine near the Portland Museum of Art.


I’m a Stanford lawyer.  I’m also a visual + conceptual artist. 

I help visual artists, musicians, writers, designers — all kinds of creatives — with their questions about art-law-business.

I respond to any art-business-law question directly, with fast, clear answers.  My usual response time is just a few hours.  If you need a faster response, tell me it’s a rush.

You reach me by phone, email, text, or chat.  I respond by phone (this is sophisticated, serious advice; it’s not for text or SMS).  

You can be at any stage of your career.  You can be anywhere in the world.  And you can contact me any time, 24/7/365.

adam-daley-wilson adam-wilson art-law stanford maine with installation 2018

I give you fast access to clear guidance when you need answers — before problems and disputes develop.

Some of the areas where I help are here.  

Some 2018 examples included answering:

  • A visual artist’s questions about pros and cons of incorporating;
  • A curator/artist’s questions about protecting other artists’ rights;
  • A visual artist’s questions about protecting her IP online;
  • A designer’s questions about protecting her IP rights;
  • A fashion model’s questions about rights to her images;
  • A visual artist’s questions about moral rights.

I understand artists — I’m an artist, too.  Some of my work is here.

I also understand art-law-business issues — I’ve worked a total of +/- 20 years as a lawyer, mediator, and artist in areas like intellectual property (IP), copyright, trade secrets, business litigation, business mediation, pricing, and markets.   More here.

Simple consultations can take just 15 to 30 minutes — $25 to $50.

Payment is easy — Venmo, Paypal, Google, or Apple Pay.  

adam-daley-wilson installation New York 2017

My values and approach:

  • If you decide I didn’t provide value, I don’t charge;
  • If you need a specialist, I help you find someone;
  • I believe in honesty, integrity, and trust;
  • I believe in tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, and respect for all.
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Some questions creatives and artists often ask me:

  • What If I have just one small issue / question?  That’s perfect; just reach out and we handle it on a quick call;
  •  What if my creative work is specialized?  Let’s discuss for free; I refer you to an expert if your issue is specialized.
  • Do you handle controversial art?  Yes; I have experience in censorship / freedom of expression, as well as fair use and appropriation issues.
  • How do you charge?  For emerging artists, it’s $25 for every 15 minutes of time.  You pay right after, by Venmo, Paypal, Google, or Apple.  I have a sliding scale so everyone can afford this.   Full details here.
  • Do you give legal advice?  I am a lawyer, but in this service I do not give legal advice.  If you seek my art law services, please visit my separate site here.

Examples of creatives that I serve:

  • Visual — painters, sculptors, photographers, painting, fine art, graffiti, street art, installations, photography, conceptual art, sculpting, metal artists, video art;
  • Musical — musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, music videos, sound art;
  • Writers — prose writers, poets, playwrights, literary artists, song lyrics writers, literature, poetry, plays, screenplays, fiction, non-fiction;
  • Performing artists — actors, dancers, speakers, television, movies, theater, New Genres;
  • Designers — graphic designers, interior designers, filmmakers, film + video editors, multimedia artists, animators, art directors, advertising, fashion designers, gaming designers.
adam-wilson-artist-lawyer-adamdaleywilson-portland-maine mediation mediator art-law-business-services-consulting

My credentials as a business lawyer and mediator are here.

My credentials as an artist / creative are here.

Adam Daley Wilson is a Stanford Lawyer and an Emerging Conceptual Text Based Artist and Painter based in Portland Maine

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Adam Wilson

(207) 699-9957

Arts District / Art Museum Area

180 High St #14, Portland Maine 04101

Instagram @adamwilsonartlaw

A block from the Westin Harborview Hotel in downtown Portland Maine and two blocks from the Portland Museum of Art.

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