For Creatives + Artists: Business + Law-Related Guidance, Consulting, Coaching + Mentoring

Art-law-business services for creatives + artists.  U.S. and international.

Adam Wilson — mobile +1 (207) 699-9957 — — based in Portland Maine’s Arts District / Art Museum Area.  IG @adamwilsonartservices.

I’m an emerging artist — and a Stanford lawyer.  I provide consulting services — business-law-art guidance, including coaching and mentoring, to artists + creatives of all kinds, and at all levels, particularly emerging artists + creatives.  The service is nationwide and international.


Examples of services are here.

This site is purposefully relaxed and informal, so artists + creatives can easily spot the issues as their careers grow.  (I will begin providing actual art law services in mid-2018 on a separate formal platform.)

I understand and respect the goals and needs of artists — because I’m an artist myself, just like you.  I’ve spent the past 5 years working hard to be an emerging text-based painter, conceptual artist, and New Genres performance artist — more about my work as an artist here.

And because I’ve also been a business litigator and mediator — about 15 years, all told — I understand things from a business, economics, and legal perspective as well — thanks to a top-tier legal education combined with practicing at some of the top law firms in the world — more here.

I provide superior service backed by legal and business experience that ranges across intellectual property, contracts and licensing, first amendment law, both for-profit and non-profit entities, mediation and dispute resolution, and even certain aspects of white collar crime and investigations — more here.

With this experience, I treat you and your art — whatever it is that you make and create — with the utmost seriousness and respect, applying my knowledge to assist you with your needs.

A few words about how I work and how I provide true, concrete value:

  • If you decide my services did not give you value, I do not charge you;
  • If your situation requires a specialized expert (say, tax issues), I will help you find the right expert;
  • My values are grounded in ethics, honesty, integrity, and trust —  and I believe in tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, and respect for all;
  • At the end of the day, I simply want to help my fellow artists and creatives.

And a few FAQ:

  • How do we communicate?  Any way you want — text, phone, IG chat, FB messenger, video.  You can be anywhere in the world.
  • What if you have just a small issue, or one question?  That’s perfect; the service is designed for both big and small.  Many artists just text or email 1 or 2 questions, or call for a short overview on a topic.
  • Do I handle your kind of art?  If you’re an artist or a creative of any kind, I respect your work, no matter what it is.  Let’s have an initial consult free of charge, see below.
  • Do I handle controversial issues?  Yes, I am accustomed to handling controversial and difficult issues.  Let’s chat.
  • How much does it cost?  I only charge for actual time.  You don’t pay a whole hour if you only need 10 minutes.  Also, I have a sliding scale so that everyone can afford the service.  Full cost details here.
  • Not sure you need help?  Let’s chat.  All initial consults are free until we figure out what you do (and don’t) need.  The only bad question is one not asked.


My credentials as a business lawyer + mediator with a background in economics:

  • I have almost 20 years of top-tier experience:
  • Lawyer for almost 10 years at top U.S. law firms in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco (e.g., Gibson Dunn & Crutcher).
  • Business, intellectual property, contract, and antitrust litigation — all economics-based litigation;
  • Clients ranged from individuals to Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies;
  • Served as the mediator of about 200 small business disputes and lawsuits;
  • Negotiated the avoidance / prevention / resolution of hundreds of other issues and disputes;
  • Federal appellate clerkship — U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit;
  • J.D., Stanford Law School, 1999;
  • B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1994;
  • More information about my legal background is here.

I’m also an artist + creative:

  • I also have 5 years of experience as an emerging artist:
  • Painting, conceptual art, and New Genres performance art — more here;
  • Works sell internationally; large text-based oils sell in the low five figures (early 2018);
  • Works are in U.S. and international private and corporate collections;
  • Visual + performance art exhibitions + installations in New York and London;
  • Three-for-three in juried emerging artist art fair exhibitions in NY and London;
  • Experience as an artist-lawyer in the New York, Los Angeles, and London markets.


You do not pay unless I add value:

  • The core of my service is true value added.  Let’s chat at no cost about your needs;
  • All initial consults are free until we figure out what you need;
  • You can be anywhere in the world — see above for how we communicate;
  • Payment can be structured to fit your needs, including via PayPal;
  • I do not charge you if you decide my services did not add value to your needs.
  • Full details, costs, fees, and logistics are here.


Who is the service for?  All kinds of creatives + artists — including emerging artists + creatives just starting out —

  • Visual — painters, sculptors, photographers, painting, fine art, graffiti, street art, installations, photography, conceptual art, sculpting, metal artists, video art;
  • Musical — musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, music videos, sound art;
  • Writers — prose writers, poets, playwrights, literary artists, song lyrics writers, literature, poetry, plays, screenplays, fiction, non-fiction;
  • Performing artists — actors, dancers, speakers, television, movies, theater, New Genres;
  • Designers — graphic designers, interior designers, filmmakers, film + video editors, multimedia artists, animators, art directors, advertising, fashion designers, gaming designers.

. . .

Adam Wilson — +1 (207) 699-9957 — — Arts District / Art Museum Area — 180 High St #14 — Portland Maine — IG @adamwilsonartservices.

A block from the Westin Harborview Hotel in downtown Portland Maine, a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.

Disclaimer:  This is a general consulting service.  I do not provide legal opinions or represent in a legal capacity.  This site is attorney advertising in jurisdictions where it must be so designated.  I do not consult in jurisdictions where it is prohibited by professional responsibility rules or otherwise.  Contact an attorney if you have a particular legal issue or case.  This site and its content do not create an attorney client relationship.  Use of this site constitutes agreement with the Terms of Use.

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